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DIY Alphabet Dog Name Pet Collar Wear Accessories

DIY Alphabet Dog Name Pet Collar Wear Accessories

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Product Information:
Material: PU
Product Category: Collar
Color: Snake pattern: gold, snake pattern: silver, snake pattern: red, snake pattern: blue, snake pattern: pink, snake pattern: black, snake pattern: rose red, gold powder shiny surface: gold, gold powder shiny surface: blue Color, gold powder glossy surface: red, gold powder glossy surface: pink, gold powder glossy surface: rose red, crocodile pattern: blue, crocodile pattern: white, crocodile pattern: red, crocodile pattern: pink, crocodile pattern: black, plain pattern: white , Plain weave: Red, Plain weave: Pink, Plain weave: Black, Plain weave: Blue, Microfiber (black), Microfiber (red), Microfiber (pink), Microfiber (rose red), Microfiber (blue)
Specifications (length * width:) XS: 30*1.5 CM, S: 37*1.5 CM, M: 42*2.0 CM, L: 51*2.5 CM
Accessories material: zinc alloy
Adjustment range (CM): XS20-26; S27-33; M29-38; L36-46

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Leather collar x1

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